Please NOTE: Class for February 25th, 2018 has been rescheduled to March 4th, 2018 due to requests from lots of teachers and parents.

Gayatri Pariwar of Long Island

(Under the Guidance of All World Gayatri Pariwar, Shantikunj, Haridwar, India)

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Book Reports
Bio-Magnetism (by Rushabh Mehta) (Word Document, 19 KB)
The Glory of Human Life (by Priyanka Mehta) (Word Document, 12 KB)
The Key to Success: Sustenance of Good Health (by Sudhakar Sood) (Word Document, 8 KB)


For the 2014-2015 School Year:

Group 6 Culture:
Gayatri_Mantra.pptx (Power Point File)
Dussehra-Win_over_10_Bad_Instincts.pptx (Power Point File)

Group 5 Culture:
Vedic_Sanatana_Hindu_Dharma.pdf (PDF File)
Vedanta Philosophy full.pdf (PDF File)

Group 4 Culture:
Culture IV Asteya 11-16-14.pdf (PDF File)
Non-Violence (PDF Document, 417 KB)
Brahmacharya (Word Document)
ishvarapranidhana (Word Document)
Saucha (Word Document)
Swadhyaya (Word Document)
tapasya (Word Document)
Santosha (PDF)

Group 2 Culture:
20140928 - Study.pdf (PDF File)
Avatara Homework.pdf (PDF File)
Diwali Homework.pdf (PDF File)
HW Sheet 2.pdf (PDF File)
HW Sheet.pdf (PDF File)
India Map.jpg (JPG File)
History of Diwali.docx (DOC File)

Group 5 Gujarati:
present tense 11-16-14 (PDF Document)
past tense 12-7-14 (PDF Document)

Group 4 Gujarati:
present tense 11-16-14 (PDF Document)
past tense 12-7-14 (PDF Document)


For the 2013-2014 School Year:

Group 6 Power Point Presentation Schedule:
Schedule_for_the_Power_Point_presentations (Word Document, 14 KB)
Stress Final (Power Point)

Group 2 Culture:
04132014 Homework.jpg (Picture)
Homework March 30th (PDF Document, 813 KB)
03162014_Homework_Culture_Group_2 (PDF Document, 473 KB)
03022014_Homework_Culture_Group_2 (PDF Document, 352 KB)
01192014_Homework_Culture_Group_2 (PDF Document, 330 KB)
11242013_Homework_Culture_Group_2 (PDF Document, 630 KB)
10272013_1_Homework_Culture_Group_2 (PDF Document, 3653 KB)
10272013_2_Homework_Culture_Group_2 (PDF Document, 624 KB)
10132013_Homework_Culture_Group_2 (Word Document, 16 KB)
09292013_Homework_Culture_Group_2 (Word Document, 16 KB)
Narasimhavatara (PDF Document, 1077 KB)
Navratri (PDF Document, 2081 KB)
Gandhi (PDF Document, 1260 KB)

Group 3 Culture:
CULTURE CLASS 3 study material synopsis (Word Document)

Group 4 Culture:
Yama 2 Truth 10-19-2014 (PDF Document)
Culture-IV-Swadhyaya-04-14-13 (PDF Document)
Tapasya (PDF Document, 129 KB)
Santosha (PDF Document, 153 KB)
Saucha (PDF Document, 99 KB)
Aparigraha (PDF Document, 55 KB)
Brahmacharya (PDF Document, 254 KB)
Asteya (PDF Document, 326 KB)
Yama_2_Truth (PDF Document, 261 KB)
Non-Violence (PDF Document, 417 KB)

Group 5 Culture:
Vedic_Sanatana_Hindu_Dharma (PDF Document, 363 KB)
10132013_Homework_Culture_Group_5 (PDF Document, 49 KB)
Vedanta Philosophy combined (PDF Document, 49 KB)

Group 6 Culture:
Law_of_Karma (Word Document, 166 KB)
Homework_The_Absolute_Law_of_Karma (PDF Document, 4018 KB)
Eight Common Traits of Remarkably Successful People by Priyanka Mehta (Power Point, 2085 KB)
Esoteric Role of the Pineal Gland - Vishal Rawat (Power Point, 1206 KB)
Guideline for cultivating Self-confidence by -Tania Sood (Power Point, 9998 KB)
Happy Life - Culture Presentation 2014 Tannya Singh and Selvi Chhabra (Power Point, 2208 KB)
Personality and Self-Development by Nandita & Sucheta Gandhi (Power Point, 86 KB)
Why do we get dreams by- Roshni Patel and Shriya Patel (Power Point, 1101 KB)

Group 3 Gujarati:

Group 4 Gujarati:
Vocabulary from Tyan Bhagavan Rahe Chhe (PDF Document)
shiv_ parvati_and_prahalad_story (PDF Document, 17848 KB)
09292013_Gujarati_4_homework (PDF Document, 6848 KB)
Gujarati IV 12-10-13 (PDF Document, 252 KB)
10-13-13 Gujarati 4 (PDF Document, 253 KB)

Group 5 Gujarati:
Vocabulary from Tyan Bhagavan Rahe Chhe (PDF Document)
09292013_Gujarati_5_homework (PDF Document, 13290 KB)
Gujarati V making sentances (PDF Document, 310 KB)
Gujarati V pronoun and verb (PDF Document, 409 KB)
Gujarati V Ramayana story (PDF Document, 767 KB)

For the 2012-2013 School Year:

Group 3 Culture:
Yagya (Word Document, 584 KB)
Swami Vivekananda and the Vedanta Philosophy (Word Document, 42 KB)
Swami Vivekananda Stories (Word Document, 25 KB)
Swami Vivekananda Quotes (Word Document, 14 KB)

Group 4 Culture:
Culture-IV-Swadhyaya-04-14-13 (PDF, 141 KB)
Culture-IV-tapasya-03-24-13 (PDF, 131 KB)
Santosha-03-17-13 (PDF, 149 KB)
Culture-4-Aparigraha-02-03-13 (PDF, 198 KB)
Culture-IV-Brahmacharya-010613 (PDF, 261 KB)
Non-stealing-asteya-Culture-IV-121612 (PDF, 338 KB)
Yama-principle-2-truth-12-02-12 (PDF, 336 KB)
Yagya (Word Document, 584 KB)
Saucha (PDF, 168 KB)
Yama-Principle1-Non-Violance (PDF, 342 KB)

Group 6 Culture:
Yagya (Word Document, 563 KB)

Group 3 Gujarati:
Homework (Mar 24th, 2013) (PDF, 169 KB)
Homework (Mar 17th, 2013) (PDF, 163 KB)
Homework (Feb 24th, 2013) (PDF, 241 KB)
Homework (Feb 3rd, 2013) (PDF, 172 KB)
Number Homework (Dec 16th, 2012) (PDF, 206 KB)
Ramayana Homework (Dec 12th, 2012) (PDF, 338 KB)
Homework (Nov 18th, 2012) (PDF, 217 KB)
Numbers Homework (Oct 14th, 2012) (PDF, 563 KB)
Gujarati Sentences (Oct 28th, 2012) (PDF, 148 KB)
Phrases Homework (Oct 14th, 2012) (Word Document, 13 KB)
Food Homework (Sept 3rd, 2012) (PDF, 472 KB)
Body Parts Homework (Sept 3rd, 2012) (Word Document, 12 KB)
Numbers Homework (Sept 3rd, 2012) (PDF, 638 KB)


For the 2011-2012 School Year:

Group 1 Culture:
Makar Sankranti (Word Document, 817 KB)
Dussehra and Deepawali (PDF, 186 KB)

Group 2 Culture:
Holi (PDF Document, 71KB)
Authors of Religious Books (PDF, 147KB)
Authors of Religious Books (2) (PDF, 64KB)
Upasana (PDF, 194 KB)
Karma (Word Document, 197 KB)
Religious Books (PDF, 260KB)
Dussehra and Deepawali (PDF, 186 KB)

Group 3 Culture:
Holi (PDF Document, 71KB)
Law of Karma (Word Document, 683KB)
Religious Books (Word Document, 232KB)
Authors of Religious Books (PDF, 147KB)
Worship (Word Document, 22 KB)
Dussehra and Deepawali (PDF, 186 KB)

Group 4 Culture:
Veda Vyas Muni and Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya (PDF, 289KB)
Swami Vivekananda and the Vedanta Philospophy (Word Document, 233KB)
My Religious Books (PDF, 380KB)
Upasana (Word Document, 189KB)
My Spiritual Diary (revised) (Word Document, 1.7MB)
My Religion (Word Document, 46KB)
Mahamrutunjayai Mantra (PDF, 216KB)
Laws of Karma (Word Document, 482KB)
Hey Prabhu Prarthana (with meaning) (Word Document, 23KB)
Guru Dhyanam (PDF, 375KB)
Gayatri Mantra (PDF, 215KB)
Ganesh (PDF, 106KB)
Dussehra and Deepawali (PDF, 186KB)

Group 5 Culture:
Upasana (Word Document, 23KB)
Dussehra and Deepawali (PDF, 186KB)

Group 2 Gujarati:
Gujarati Puzzle (PDF, 2.8 MB)
Gujarati Puzzle Words (Word Document, 58 KB)
Name of Foods (PDF, 472 KB)
Body Parts (Word Document, 12 KB)

Teachers' contact information



For the 2011-2012 School Year:

Group 2 Gujarati:
Gujarati alphabet homework - due on 10/12/2011 (PDF Document, 19 KB)
Gujarati Quiz - 12/18/2011 (Word Document, 760 KB)
Gujarati homework - due on 1/19/2012 (Word Document, 13 KB)
Gujarati Numbers homework - due on 1/19/2012 (PDF, 638 KB)

Group 2 Culture:
Worship homework - due on 10/28/2011 (Word Document, 14 KB)
Worship (Word Document, 708 KB)
Karma (Word Document, 790 KB)


For the 2010-2011 School Year:

Group 1 Culture:
Pranayama (Word Document, 512 KB)
Panchakshar Gayatri Mantra (Word Document, 13 KB)
My Spiritual Diary (Word Document, 1.8 MB)
Matrudevobhava (Word Document, 369 KB)
Indian Flag (Word Document, 18 KB)
Meaning of Ganesh (Word Document, 136 KB)
Environment (Word Document, 69 KB)
Aum (Word Document,417 KB)

Group 2 Culture:
Pranayama (Word Document, 512 KB)
Panchakshar Gayatri Mantra (Word Document, 13 KB)
My Spiritual Diary (Word Document, 1.8 MB)
Mahatma Gandhi - Virtues (PDF Document, 115 KB)
Indian Flag (Word Document, 18 KB)
Meaning of Gayatri Mantra (Word Document, 28 KB)

Group 3 Culture:
Ram Navmi (Word Document, 65 KB)
Hanuman Jayanti (Word Document, 107 KB)
Mahavir Jayanti (Word Document, 297 KB)
Hidden Power of Mantra (Word Document, 25 KB)
Dharma (Word Document, 18 KB)


For the 2009-2010 School Year:

Pranayama (Culture Group 1) (Word Document, 512 KB)
Handout 1: Yoga (Word Document, 29 KB)
Handout 2: Non-Violence (Word Document, 35 KB)
Handout 3: Truth (Word Document, 34 KB)
Handout 4: Non-Stealing (Word Document, 62 KB)
Handout 5: Brahmacharya (Word Document, 507 KB)
Handout 6 (Group 2): Aparigraha (Word Document, 14 KB)
Handout 6 (Group 3): Aparigraha (Word Document, 38 KB)
Handout 7 (Group 1): Holi (PowerPoint Presentation, 557 KB)
Handout 8 (Groups 2 and 3): Cleanliness (Word Document, 165 KB)
Handout 9 (Groups 2 and 3): Santosh (Word Document, ~ KB)
Handout 10 (Groups 2 and 3): Tapasya (Word Document, 51 KB)


Matrudevobhava (Word Document, 400 KB)
Matrudevobhava - Mom (Word Document, 18 KB)
Matrudevobhava - Mataji (Word Document, 61 KB)
Matrudevobhava - Mother Cow (Word Document, 256 KB)
Matrudevobhava - Mother Earth (Word Document, 35 KB)
Matrudevobhava - Mother Gayatri (Word Document, 13 KB)
Matrudevobhava - Mother India (Word Document, 12 KB)
Matrudevobhava - Mother Shruti (Word Document,121 KB)
The Significance of Dussehra and Deepawali (Word Document, 4.2 MB)
Navratri (PowerPoint Presentation, 5.2 MB)
Republic Day Celebration T-Shirt - Logo 1 (JPEG Image, 267 KB)
Republic Day Celebration T-Shirt - Logo 2 (JPEG Image, 4.05 MB)
My Spiritual Diary (PDF, 157 KB)
Prayer of Lord Ganesh (PowerPoint Presentation, 624 KB)
Holi (PowerPoint Presentation, 367 KB)
Gayatri Mantra (PowerPoint Presentation, 745 KB)
Guru Dhyanam (PowerPoint Presentation, 2.4 MB)
Mahamrutunjayai Mantra (PowerPoint Presentation, 717 KB)
Symbolism of Lord Ganesh (PowerPoint Presentation, 100 KB)
Symbolism of Lord Shiva (PowerPoint Presentation, 2.4 MB)
Gayatri Gyan Kendra Rules (Word Document, 132 KB)
National Anthem (PDF Document, 162 KB)
Prayer to the Lord (Word Document, 24 KB)
Nine Durga's (PowerPoint Presentation, 426 KB)
Navratri and the Nine Durga Goddesses (Word Document, 35 KB)
Factsheet about Mahatma Gandhi (Word Document, 47 KB)
Ushapan (Water Therapy) (Word Document, 32 KB)
Touch Parent's Feet (Word Document, 339 KB)
Republic Day (PowerPoint Presentation, 875KB)
Ahimsa (Non-Violence) (Word Document, 35 KB)

Sanskar Manjari Part 1 (PDF File, 3367 KB)
Sanskar Manjari Part 2 (PDF File, 3134 KB)
Sanskar Saurabh Part 2 (PDF File, 3664 KB)
Sanskriti Sudha Part 1 (PDF File, 3271 KB)
Sanskar Sudha Part 2 (PDF File, 3169 KB)







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