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Gayatri Pariwar of Long Island

(Under the Guidance of All World Gayatri Pariwar, Shantikunj, Haridwar, India)

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► The Divine Message of Mahakal
      ■ Jan - Feb '07

Who Am I? – The First Book
A Glimpse of the Golden Future
Astonishing Functions of Human Brain and Miracles of Mind
Colleagues in Solitude
Deep Yagya
Divine Message of the Veds – Part 1: Brahmanism
Divine Message of the Veds – Part 2: Aatmbal – Spiritual Power
Divine Message of the Veds – Part 3: Character Formation
Divine Message of the Veds – Part 4: Family & Health
Divine Message of the Veds – Part 5: Eradication of Evil Activities
Donation of Time – The Supreme Charity
Eternity of Sound and the Science of Mantras
Form and Spirit of Vedic Ritual Worship : Procedure of Yagya
Gayatri Sadhana – The Truth & Distortions
Gayatri Sadhana Why and How?
Hansa Yoga: The Elixir of Self-Realization
Human Brain – Apparent Boon of the Omnipotent
Indian Culture
In the Angelic Light of Rishi Thoughts
Jap Tap Dhyan – The Triple Path of Sadhana
Mahapurascharan – Unique Spiritual Experiment on Collective Consciousness
Manual of Hindu Marriage
Music – The Nectar of Life (.pdf, 490 KB)
My Life – Its Legacy And Message
Our Yagya Movement
Pragya Tales for Children – Part 1
Pragya Tales for Children – Part 2
Problems of Today: Solutions of Tomorrow
Recitation and Meditation
Refinement of Talents – Need of the Present Era
Revival of Satyug
Sensitization Program for Parents
Sleep, Dreams & Spiritual Reflections
Spectrum of Knowledge
Spiritual Science of Sex Element
Super Science of Gayatri
Support is Needed for Self Evolution
The Absolute Law of Karma
The Astonishing Power of the Bio-physical and Subtle Energies of the Human Body
The Extrasensory Potentials of Mind
The Glory of Human Life
The Integrated Science of Yagya
The Life beyond Physical Death
The Spiritual Training and Adoration of Life Deity
Three Fold Path of Sadhana
Twenty First Century – The Dawn of The Era Of The Divine Descent On Earth
The Great Moments of Change – The Last Book

To, My Soul-Descendents My Disciples
Clarion Call of the Timeless Spirit, Mahakal
Hark to the Clarion Call of Mahakal (The Timeless Spirit) and be Blessed and Glorified ( Translation of Hindi article Mahakal Ke Tewar )
Deeds of One, Credit to Another
Demand of Times
Develop Worthiness
Difference Between Voice & Virtue
Do not Demolish the Temple of God
Education and Knowledge for All-Round Development
Gayatri – Universal Solution
Herbal Medicines
Look Only for Your Own Faults
Lose Not Your Heart
Mental Balance
Mental Tension
Our Internal Mahabharata
Outline of Yog
Pause and Think
Pragyavatar – The man making phenomena
Realize Yourself
Rishi Chintan – 1
Rishi Chintan – 2
Science and philosophy of Yagyopathy
Science of Gayatri Mantra
Secret of Healthy Life
Social Education through Religious Establishment
Solutions of Today’s Problems
Spiritual Endeavor
Swadeshi (Use of Indigenous Goods) Movement – A Necessity
The Aims and Objectives of Spiritual Disciplines
The Art of Living
The Philosophy of Self Knowledge
The strong capability of Mahamantra
Three Bases of Personality
Upasana, Sadhana & Aradhana
What Does Sadhana Do?
What is the form of Religion?



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